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Nick starts his fire-eating act. Nick starts his fire-eating act
Photo: P.McKenzie

Parties at our mate Nick's place are always a whole lot of fun! Nick is a wacky guy who has a great sense of humour and comes up with the most excellent party ideas and themes. In the past his parties have included:-

  • The hire of a blow-up bouncy castle.
  • Skirmish fights with electronic guns and armour.
  • Fireworks (goes without saying really).
  • The coolest bubble-making machines you have ever seen!

Nick's hobbies are rather unusual as well; As well as being a long-time member of our Sealed Knot Regiment, he is also an accomplished fire-eater! In fact he often takes part in local fairs and carnivals, delighting young and old alike with his fire-eating skills.

Need a light? Now THAT's a bad case of curry breath!
Photo: P.McKenzie

The one skill he hasn't mastered yet however is how to cook a decent BBQ (fortunately with a kiwi on hand, all he has to do is pass over the tongs and the quality of the food improves immediately.

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