We've had a lot of fun over the years, doing all sorts of things and visiting many different places and countries.

  • Abseiling (Uk and Malta)


    In Malta and closer to home in Portsmouth, UK ... with our resident abseiling expert Andy. Also details of our visit to "Goin' Ape".

  • Ballooning (Berkshire, UK)


    An excellent way to spend the day. Hot air ballooning with local company Floating Sensations in Berkshire, UK.

  • Abseiling (Uk and Malta)


    Our intrepid exploits up and down mountains in Scotland and Snowdon; including the time we nearly had to call in mountain rescue!

    Also information on some of the more leisurely (and less dangerous!) trips we have done, including a visit to Cornwall and the Eden Project.

  • Diving (Madeira, Malta, California and South Africa)


    Adventures in the 'Big Blue' and beyond ... in Madeira, Malta, California and cage diving with great whites in South Africa.

  • Good Times

    Good times

    What we get up to when we aren't risking life and limb. Just chillin' out man!

    Includes Amsterdam, a traditional Maori banquet (Hangi), Glastonbury Festival, Hyde Park Calling, Kev and Carrie's legendary BBQs and other stuff.

  • Skydiving (Wiltshire, UK)


    Just 100% pure adrenaline!

    This is the coolest sport EVER!

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