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Andy relaxes in a cafe - Amsterdam Andy in Amsterdam.
Photo: P.McKenzie


Andrew Patterson


Development Analyst (Law)
MCSD (In Progress)
IS Consultant (When there's time!)

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Abseiling
  • All terrain Expeditions (Ice - Jungle)
  • Bouldering
  • Expedition Kayaking
  • Face Climbing
  • Navigation & Orienteering
  • Scrambling
  • SCUBA Diving (Anything Marine)
  • Slalom Kayaking (Promoted to Division 3 after winning Gold at Div5)
  • Small Holding & the Rural Social System
  • Survivalism
  • Sustainable Resources & Self-Sufficiency
  • 4x4 & Camel Trophy (Anything Land Rover)

Favourite Bands:

Pink Floyd, The Orb, Enya, Clannad, John Lennon, Marylin Manson, Chemical Brothers & The Prodigy!

Favourite Movies:

The Big Blue, K2 & Braveheart

Favourite Authors:

Sven Hassel, George Orwell & Shakespeare. All reference & Documentatives (Geek!!)


"He who dares! ...... Rodney!, He who dares!"

"Its not over until the fat lady sings... between Rodney and the fat Lady, I rarely fail!"

Favourite Religion:

Extremism, the Human Spirit and the World of Mother Nature


Fulfilled ambitions:

  • A weekend lost in Amsterdam
  • A smoke under Belgium's, Menin Gate at Dawn
  • Chartered a Helicopter to Dive Catalina Island (Pacific)
  • Chartered a Submarine for Marine Photography (Pacific)
  • Did Hollywood
  • Dived in a Californian Kelp Forest
  • Dived with the Turtles in Hawaii
  • Dived 2 Reefs off of Hanaleii
  • Gold Medallist for Canoeing/Slalom
  • Mountain Biked into Hawaii's Grand Canyon
  • Joined a Sleigh expedition into the Arctic Circle
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • Climb Mount Kilamanjaro
  • Join a Camel Trophy Expedition
  • Meet the Great White

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